When Explosive colors and sexuality impose a canvas to a soundtrack of upbeat and eclectic music, magic is created. Philadelphia native, Iris Barbee Bonner, transforms her artistic interpretation of beauty and confidence into wearable expressions of her unique aesthetic.


 Iris Barbee Bonner was born and nurtured in Philadelphia. As a soft-spoken and shy child, by age 5 had begun to express herself through art. After her pursuit of higher learning at Arcadia University where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts with a major in Graphic Design, Iris found her voice as an artist.


Finding comfort in her gift Iris has used her passion for art and desire to illustrate her feminine wilds as the inspiration for her brand These Pink Lips. A contrast to her mild-mannered persona These Pink Lips is a fusion of vibrancy and sexually explicit content, making this brand without boundaries a true exposition of artistic freedom. Iris’s limitless talent has often spread beyond a canvas, and in March of 2012 These Pink Lips was introduced to the world via The Black Light District showcase. Since her debut show Iris Barbee Bonner has released a new art collection annually including the brands collection of wearable art which invites women harness the power of their feminism.


Displayed in notable art galleries both her hometown of Philadelphia and New York City, Iris’s art has created an audience that craves her insatiable style. Admirers of her couture pop culture designs have turned into a thriving online boutique that empowers females to embrace their sexuality and wear their confidence as a proclamation of their liberation from labels and stereotypes. The most coveted designs featured in the online shop are the hand painted platforms the Barbeebootz, and the "Goal Digger" girl and PUSSY NOT WAR tee shirts. These options make the brands unique designs affordable for the average fashionista or art enthusiast.


These Pink Lips eye-popping designs have sparked controversy and conversation with seasoned publications comparing Iris Barbee Bonner to famed artist Andy Warhol, with celebrities such as Amber Rose and Missy Elliot seeking out her art apparel. The brand's notoriety soared when sought after stylist Patricia Fields of the Iconic style series Sex In The City began to carry These Pink Lips in both her online store and in her Noho boutique.


Iris’s appetite for progression and instance for creative carte blanche is a breeding ground for an opportunity and the foundation for her success. With the goal of instilling confidence in women and leaving an impression on pop culture, Iris Barbee Bonner is blazing a trail that will rejuvenate the sexual revolution.